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Save Yourself 20 Weeks of Training

After the launch of the Google Podcast App in June, Google have announced the Google Podcasts creator program. The aim of the program is to support under-represented voices in the podcasting community, ultimately seeking to address the imbalance in who is creating podcasts.

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Dom Kay
Your House Can Be Smarter

People don’t want to have to sit in their own home with headphones on, and they are also becoming increasingly mindful of the negative effects that excess ‘screen-time’ might be having on their health. How can we continue to continue to absorb the huge amounts of information out there whilst simultaneously eliminating ‘screen-time’ altogether?

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Dom Kay
Museum of Ordinary People

Aiming to explore and document the magic and the mundanities of ordinary life, MOOP showcases a collection of discarded, discovered and reclaimed items such as diaries, love-letters and photographs that represent ordinary people whose stories are waiting to be told.

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The Power Of Podcasts

Podcasts are a digital episode that you can download and play via your computer, tablet and smart phone. As podcasts are increasingly portable, they are also more personal. Unlike with TV and other video formats, they allow you to carry on your normal daily routine undisturbed, whether this is while getting ready for work, commuting or even driving. 

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