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Your House Can Be Smarter

In a previous article, we talked about how podcast listening habits are set to change with the increasing popularity and adoption of two pieces of technology – the connected car and the smart speaker. It is the latter on which we will focus in this article.

Smart Speakers Have Already Taken America by Storm, and the UK is Hot on Its Heels.

A recent poll (June 2018) carried out by Edison research and NPR reported that 18% of Americans (18 years +) own a Smart Speaker, which equates to around 43 million people. This is over a 130% increase on figures from the previous year and it is largely down to the fact that not only are there more options of Smart Speakers than ever before, but they are also continually dropping in price. Amazon is still the big player with their ‘Alexa’ Echo devices commanding around a 75% share of the market (down from 88%), but Google and Apple are making up ground with the ‘Home’ and ‘HomePod’ respectively (along with many other third party devices).

Meanwhile, in the UK, a YouGov poll has revealed a similarly huge rise in Smart Speaker adoption, with the number doubling over a period of just six months. According to the poll, 10% of all UK homes now have a Smart Speaker (in Q1 of 2018), up from only 5% in Q3 of 2017. This demonstrates a surge of popularity and interest in the devices, and with the technology and AI constantly improving and becoming integrated with more and more features in the home, it shows no signs of abating.

What Does This Mean for Podcasts?

Whilst one of the attractive features of podcasts is that they can be listened to more or less anywhere, be it on the move or in the car, at work or on the train, many people of course choose to listen at home as well.

People don’t want to have to sit in their own home with headphones on, and they are also becoming increasingly mindful of the negative effects that excess ‘screen-time’ might be having on their health. How can we continue to continue to absorb the huge amounts of information out there whilst simultaneously eliminating ‘screen-time’ altogether?

Podcasts. On a smart speaker.

Take a look for yourself at the illuminating research here

Interested in purchasing a Smart Speaker but confused by all the options? Techradar have done a great comparison of the main players here.

Smart Speakers are still a work-in-progress, but just like podcast listeners themselves, they are learning and improving every day. This is a great time to get onboard with an exciting device that brings the expanse of the online world straight into your home, in one of the most user-friendly ways yet.

Dom Kay