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Save Yourself 20 Weeks of Training

After the launch of the Google Podcast App in June, Google have announced the Google Podcasts creator program.

The aim of the program is to support under-represented voices in the podcasting community, ultimately seeking to address the imbalance in who is creating podcasts.

The Google Podcasts creator program is focused on three main pillars: empowering and training underrepresented voices through an accelerator program, educating a global community with free tools, and showcasing participants’ work as a model for others. PRX, alongside a global advisory committee, will select teams to receive mentorship, seed funding, and an intensive 20-week training. Applications will be accepted from around the globe.”

The training takes around 20 weeks, and costs in the region of $40,000 (covered by the program).

Don’t have 20 weeks to spare but still want to create an awesome podcast using all the same tricks of the trade the Google Podcasts creator program will be teaching? Let BN1 Productions take care of it all for you!

All jokes aside, we also consider it extremely important that podcasting provides a voice for all, not just the privileged few, so what they’re doing with this program is great and we fully support it.

Dom Kay