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Internal Company Communication - Podcasts Save the Day

In medium-to-large sized companies, effective communication across the workforce is critical. However, the larger a company grows, the harder it becomes to achieve this communication in an effective and measurable manner.  Emails remain unopened, newsletters are sent straight to the trash, all meaning that important messages are going unheard. One solution is an internal podcast. Heavyweights including Dell, AT&T and Salesforce all have their own internal company podcasts, and we believe many others are set to follow.


Benefits of an internal podcast

1.     Promote a specific culture – with a large workforce it can be extremely challenging to convey the desired culture of a company to everyone in a non-draconian way. Emails are ordinarily void of character, and company meetings are characteristically long, tedious and corporate. Internal podcasts provide a platform for those in more senior positions to deliver their messages in a personal way, carrying with them personality and sincerity. It’s impossible to form a personal relationship with every single employee, so this might well be the next best thing.

2.     Frequency and Measurement – as with public podcasts, a schedule of release is key to maximising audience engagement. The listening becomes habitual and part of a routine, and for an internal podcast this is no different. Podcasts are also uniquely capable of providing detailed analytical information about how employees are engaging with the content e.g. are they listening? How much are they listening to? At what point do they stop? Do they listen more than once? This data can be further used to ascertain whether there is any correlation between an employee’s engagement with the podcast and their efficacy in their particular roles.

3. Reach everyone, everywhere – there are a multitude of reasons why employees may not have access to a desk or computer while on the job. They could be sales people on the road or technicians on-site, and with more and more people choosing to work remotely and all over the world in different timezones, podcasts present a brilliant way of disseminating relevant information to all these employees in a cost-effective, measurable way. Most of the workforce probably already listen to podcasts in some capacity, so by using a behaviour that already exists it means there is one less barrier in getting them to engage.


Most CEOs want their companies and themselves to be known as ‘forward-thinking’ and ‘progressive’, and by incorporating consumer habits from the wider world into their company (podcast popularity continues to surge), this is exactly how they will be viewed. Employees are much more likely to engage with internal communication that they consider to be new and exciting, both in its content and its delivery method.


Whether it’s training material, sales success stories, new clients or new hires, internal podcasts provide an easy, cost-effective way for companies to produce compelling content which can be easily consumed by every single employee, regardless of job role or location.


All that remains is the technical side, but rather than waste valuable time trying to master how to record a podcast, let BN1 Productions take care of all that for you, so you can concentrate on what matters most to you – building a relationship with your employees.

Dom Kay