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The Power Of Podcasts

The Power of Podcasts 

Podcasts are a digital episode that you can download and play via your computer, tablet and smartphone. As podcasts are increasingly portable, they are also more personal. Unlike with TV and other video formats, they allow you to carry on your normal daily routine undisturbed, whether this is while getting ready for work, commuting or even driving. 

Podcasts offer the listener a more intimate and private experience than other forms of media. They are highly targeted because the audience is looking for special content which speaks to them and which is made for people like them who share the same passions. Upon listening to a podcast the sound that gets produced can stimulate a listener's imagination in a way that visual input can't replicate. They also have a capacity for people to be more open and honest about their experiences, making it that much easier to elicit an empathic response from the listener. 

Regular release is an important characteristic of podcasting. By cutting the content up into segments and delivering them over a schedule it becomes easy for the listener to consume the content over a timeframe that suits them, whilst also allowing them to delve into the archives and discover all previously released content. 

Even though technology progresses at an alarming rate, this is not the case for everyone around the world. The backwards compatibility offered by podcasts (due to the very specific formats that are used) means there is a possibility for an extremely global scale of broadcast because they remain accessible to those using older technologies with slower internet. They can be downloaded for offline listening while taking up minimal storage space - no buffering needed!


We see the podcast as a medium that will continue to increase in popularity due to the advancements in recent smartphone technology and especially wireless integration (e.g. Bluetooth). Two areas that we see as being perfectly placed to capitalise on this are the 'connected car' and 'smart speakers'.

By the 'connected car' we are referring to the advancements of smartphone integration into the dashboard of the car. Almost all new cars are now built with connectivity to phones which facilitates extremely easy access to audio streamed from the phone. Finally the radio has major competition for listeners, with people increasingly opting for interest-specific, long-form input rather than repetitive and predictable broadcast shows.

'Smart speakers' are an even newer development and by being entirely voice-controlled they have taken user-friendliness to an entirely new level. We explore what effect this might have on podcast access for those people who find modern technology a little daunting in our article The Podcast Market

There are a multitude of podcast listening apps out there for people to pick from, and we shall also explore these in a later article.

Here at BN1 Productions we can help you develop and produce your own unique podcast to capitalise on these changing listener habits. We understand that it can be a complex and daunting prospect, so we will help you achieve your podcast ambitions in the most hassle-free, time-saving and competitively-priced fashion. We recognise that some people will want to learn and develop their own individual audio skills over time, and as such we can help you get started by offering our personal tuition service. No more time consuming video tutorials and website searches!

Get in touch and let's see what we can achieve together. 

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